Meg Has Moved!

In case anybody is still finding their way back to this abandoned place, ANNOUNCEMENT! Meg has moved to a new blog! That new blog is:

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Please go there and comment and such. And follow. Thanks guys! Love you all!

My Mighty Pen

Urban Outfitters tunic/dress, Target necklace, AE tee.

I originally saw this dress on Yuka, and then again on the UO website. I bookmarked it, but didn’t buy it. Then a few weeks later, I suddenly had a huge yearning for it. So I went back to UO, hoping it would still be there, and it was! And on sale, to boot. So here I am in the most comfy, adorable, awesome dress ever. It’s probably not the best for really hot summer days, as it’s a thick, fuzzy flannely material, but it’s fine for me right now, and it’ll be perfect for fall and winter.

In other news, I’m working on writing a novel, and illustrating the characters in my sketchbook moleskine. It’s extremely gratifying for me to be working on something productive that I love, and it makes me feel accomplished and fulfilled.

I highly encourage every one of you to do what you believe truly shapes your life; whether it be music, design, art, writing, knitting, or running a marathon. Anything. As long as you do what you believe you are meant to do, what you need in order to feel you, you’ll be happy. I’m slowly learning this myself. I used to go years without writing, and though I didn’t realize it at the time, it truly sapped me. Now I feel like my life finally means something. Yes! Writing!

Sorry this is disjointed and rambly. I’m worried about getting the “Hail to the Chef” achievement in WoW. So sue me.


I’ve been a bad blogger. I’d make up excuses, but really, there are two reasons I haven’t been updating. One, I got a full time job for the first time ever, and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is pose and take photos outside. The job requires me to sit all day, so I’ve been wearing strictly comfy clothes, with not a lot of originality or aesthetic value. Even my jewelry has fallen to the wayside. I’m slowly getting used to it, though, and my energy level is gradually getting higher every evening. One of these days I might do a real outfit post. 

Two, style blogging isn’t something I’ve been dying to do lately. I continue to read all my favorite blogs, but I’m lax on comments, and I don’t care about updating my own. This is mostly due to a general annoyance and boredom with fashion in general, and fashion blogs indirectly. I don’t like most of the trends lately, I’m tired of seeing the same 90s floral dress on everyone, and in my mind the whole blogging scene is a huge popularity contest. I dunno. It all seems so ridiculous.

I realized that part of my annoyance with fashion blogging is its focus on looks, on the outside, on how well you can put yourself together. It seems that there’s a lot of animosity towards natural looks, towards carelessness and going anywhere as-is. There’s an astonishing amount of importance placed on what you wear, and how you present yourself. Going to Albertson’s in sweatpants? A cardinal sin! Ugg boots (god forbid)? Immediate beheading. And then I see, all over the place, people sporting cut-offs that look like grandma underwear made of denim, and hair that looks like it was dragged through a heroin syringe (as impossible as that may be, physically). And we’re allowed to go outside looking like that? Seriously, who cares if people like Ugg boots. What’s the big deal? Why do you have to bitch and moan about it all? Yeah it might be a little bit of eye pollution, but at least some girls are happy being comfortable and nothing more. I’m happy being comfortable and nothing more sometimes. What’s wrong with that? It seems there’s random shit like that all over fashion blogs: what you shouldn’t wear, what you should wear. I read recently that I MUST NOT wear flip-flops, ever. Why on earth not? Why should I not wear flip-flops, and who made up this inane rule? It makes me want to wear my flip-flops all the time just reading things like that. It’s only one example of things that have really gotten under my skin lately. So, as you see, I am truly fed up with it.

What’s the goddamn big deal? I’m me. I like to dress the way I like to dress. Who cares if I don’t look like a spread in Nylon (ew) every day? It’s seriously pissing me off just thinking about the world of fashion and fashion blogs, so I think you understand the second reason why I’ve been staying away from it. It’s just not worth all the forehead-vein-popping that would ensue.

Anyhow, as a response to all this tiresome nonsense, here are some photos of my new hair color. And in them, you’ll find me being me. Check out my ass, my cellulite thighs, my little tummy. No fashion here, just a girl. A girl who’s sick of pretending and dressing up and feeling like she has to be like every other fashion blogger out there. A girl who is happy wearing sweatpants to Albertson’s. So there.

Apologetic Art

I’ve been extremely lazy about posting outfits lately; I’m sorry! In a gesture of apology, have this picture I drew of the Mister’s and my characters from D&D. I drew this yesterday, on the only paper I had available. We have: Remy, the rogue-turned-assassin, and Eddie the Hero, the dwarf-turned-gnoll. I don’t even know. It’s just one of those things.

Apologies! I hope you like my “art”, at any rate.


This is what I look like when I’m writing YA fantasy stories at Barnes & Noble. Please forgive my lack of updates; I’ve been “busy” lately… *cough*

Anyway, point is: I am now on twitter! FOLLOW ME. I will follow you too!

Off Day



Forever21 shirt, Betty’s Divine tights.

This is me pissed that the outfit I had on earlier looked awful, and I couldn’t get any decent photos of it (even though I took like 80 thousand). So I threw on my purple shirt.

Also, I haven’t had my hair dryer or flat iron for a couple days now. Glorious.

Style Dilemma

Rave skirt, random tank, Wet Seal cardi and star necklace, Target shoes, necklace from bf.

My idea of my own “personal style” changes more quickly than I would like. It’s often different from month to month, my desired “look” based usually on a picture I saw somewhere, or another girl, or a desire to change my lifestyle. Not a few weeks ago, I wanted to look indie bohemian: flowy dresses, brown leather belts, gladiator sandals and fringe bags. Now, after buying flowy dresses and a brown belt and lusting after fringe bags, I find myself wanting to dress more like this: 


Unfortunately, I don’t think I could pull it off, even if I had such amazing clothes. There’s something about Asian fashion that can really only be pulled off by Asians. Does that make sense, or do I just sound racist? Well, whatever. I only wish I had long straight black hair and a boyish figure. Also, bright pink shiny boots.

Another inspiration for me lately is this girl on lookbook, especially the look I linked to. She looks so damn perfect, from her hair to her sunglasses to her amazing hat to her dress and… of course, the striped shirtdress worn as a jacket. She makes me wish more than anything that my hair was long again… sigh. I just adore her look, though, and I want to shamelessly copy it and be her creepy online copycat stalker. 

Anyway, I guess to summarize, I’m having a personal style crisis! I want my style to look a certain way, but not only am I lacking in needed clothes and accessories, I don’t think I could pull it off. 

Do any of you have similar style dilemmas?

Can’t Think… Of Subject…

Rave dress, Wet Seal belt and necklace, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Old Navy flats, sad excuse for a ponytail.

These were taken before and after I cut the Mister’s hair. Try not to look too closely… I’m covered in Greg-hair in some of these. Oops… 

I love this dress though! The pockets and the subtle ruffle at the bottom are my favorite part, but the square neck and fluttery sleeves are also awesome. This belt was $2 on clearance, and is made of some kind of plasticy material, but I DON’T CARE. I finally have a brown belt, and I only had to spend $2 on it. Woo! Now I need brown sandals.

I really want to see the Star Trek movie again.

Look at me I have a huge Coke

Forever21 dress, bag, Old Navy shoes, Pita Pit gigantic freaking fountain Coke.

Half-assed photos taken while wandering the streets of Missoula trying to feel productive in some way. The sun makes me look angry! apparently. 

There’s something I really don’t like about dressing for summer. The heat requires as little clothing as possible, which mostly nullifies any possibility of layering or cute jackets or tights or even close-toed shoes on really hot days. I’m of the layering persuasion, and for me, the more clothes the merrier. I feel so boring in just a dress and flats! Damn you, summer. I really need to work on my accessories, it seems. I’m thinking… more necklaces, and way more bracelets, maybe some light scarves or even bowties? A bowtie would actually be really badass; I need to look into this.

So speaking of my Old Navy shoes, I start a part-time job at Old Navy tomorrow. I’m actually rather nervous; I haven’t worked in retail since my freshman year of college, and that was 5 long years ago. I was a different person back then. I’m pretty sure I’ll rock at whatever job comes my way, but… nerves!

Purple Shirt

Rave skirt, Forever21 tee, Walmart shoes.

I like jumping in pictures because it makes my legs look good. NOT GONNA LIE. I would write more, but I’m starving, and sandwiches call my name.