Meg Has Moved!

In case anybody is still finding their way back to this abandoned place, ANNOUNCEMENT! Meg has moved to a new blog! That new blog is:
Bow Ties Are Cool.
Please go there and comment and such. And follow. Thanks guys! Love you all!

My Mighty Pen

Urban Outfitters tunic/dress, Target necklace, AE tee.
I originally saw this dress on Yuka, and then again on the UO website. I bookmarked it, but didn’t buy it. Then a few weeks later, I suddenly had a huge yearning for it. So I went back to UO, hoping it would still be there, and it was! [...]


I’ve been a bad blogger. I’d make up excuses, but really, there are two reasons I haven’t been updating. One, I got a full time job for the first time ever, and when I get home, the last thing I want to do is pose and take photos outside. The job requires me to sit [...]

Apologetic Art

I’ve been extremely lazy about posting outfits lately; I’m sorry! In a gesture of apology, have this picture I drew of the Mister’s and my characters from D&D. I drew this yesterday, on the only paper I had available. We have: Remy, the rogue-turned-assassin, and Eddie the Hero, the dwarf-turned-gnoll. I don’t even know. It’s [...]


This is what I look like when I’m writing YA fantasy stories at Barnes & Noble. Please forgive my lack of updates; I’ve been “busy” lately… *cough*
Anyway, point is: I am now on twitter! FOLLOW ME. I will follow you too!

Off Day


Forever21 shirt, Betty’s Divine tights.
This is me pissed that the outfit I had on earlier looked awful, and I couldn’t get any decent photos of it (even though I took like 80 thousand). So I threw on my purple shirt.
Also, I haven’t had my hair dryer or flat iron for a couple days now. Glorious.

Style Dilemma

Rave skirt, random tank, Wet Seal cardi and star necklace, Target shoes, necklace from bf.
My idea of my own “personal style” changes more quickly than I would like. It’s often different from month to month, my desired “look” based usually on a picture I saw somewhere, or another girl, or a desire to change my [...]

Can’t Think… Of Subject…

Rave dress, Wet Seal belt and necklace, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Old Navy flats, sad excuse for a ponytail.
These were taken before and after I cut the Mister’s hair. Try not to look too closely… I’m covered in Greg-hair in some of these. Oops… 
I love this dress though! The pockets and the subtle ruffle at the [...]

Look at me I have a huge Coke

Forever21 dress, bag, Old Navy shoes, Pita Pit gigantic freaking fountain Coke.
Half-assed photos taken while wandering the streets of Missoula trying to feel productive in some way. The sun makes me look angry! apparently. 
There’s something I really don’t like about dressing for summer. The heat requires as little clothing as possible, which mostly nullifies [...]

Purple Shirt

Rave skirt, Forever21 tee, Walmart shoes.
I like jumping in pictures because it makes my legs look good. NOT GONNA LIE. I would write more, but I’m starving, and sandwiches call my name.