Picnic Love

Target tank, Rave dress worn underneath, gift from bf tights and necklace, Urban Outfitters jackety thing, Walmart shoes.
I wanted to do something for Memorial Day, so the Mister and I went to Greenough Park and ate fried chicken and took a lovely walk in the magical forest. (I maintain that it is a magical forest, [...]

A Green Hedge

Forever21 dress, Target shorts and boots, Wet Seal socks.
The hedge out front is, I discovered, an awesome place to take pictures of one’s self. I kind of wish I was wearing a flowing white Renaissance dress, though. This will have to do I suppose.
Please forgive my sporadic posts of late. I’ve been writing a fair [...]

Bravest Little Hobbit of them All

Urban Outfitters shirt and belt, gift from bf tights, Old Navy shoes.
Trying some crazy new experiments with colors in Gimp, don’t mind me. It is an incredibly beautiful day today, but most beautiful of all: I found my camera charger! Huzzah! I plan to be a goober and put on the outfits I wore the [...]

He’s Dead, Jim

Wow, sorry I haven’t updated in about a light year. Jeesh. Let’s see, there’s been: finals week, graduation, graduation party, job hunting, sudden ennui, the ever-looming pit of depression caused by Real Life, and… oh, my camera battery is dead with no hope of finding the charger. AWESOME.
Anyway. Here’s photobooth to save the day. A [...]

Summer At Last

Target skirt and socks; Urban Outfitters belt, cardigan, and tee; Old Navy shoes; necklace from bf.
As much as I hate my thighs, it’s warm today, and these socks make me feel sexy. So there.
So, wow, I’m completely done with college, school, and anything that involves academic testing or paper-writing. HOLY CRAP YES.

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise

American Eagle dress, Urban Outfitters belt, Wet Seal tee, Target footless tights, Old Navy shoes, necklace from bf.
There are not enough awesome places to put the camera around this house. I suffer with a self-timer and no tripod, so these are pretty much the best I can do with the equipment available to me. Raaagh. [...]

Are you out of your Vulcan mind?

Rave dress, Target cardigan and knee socks, Old Navy shoes.
Apparently today is Cheesecake-Arms-In-The-Air Pose Day. Yikes. I was wearing a less thigh-showing outfit earlier for a job interview, but these sweet knee-high trouser socks are so neat that I felt it was necessary to show them off. Regardless of cellulite-y pale doughy thighs!
I have birthday [...]

The complexities of human pranks escape me

Sorry I haven’t been updating very often lately! My life has been a giant pile of illness, friends from out of town, birthdays, and finals. Tomorrow it will be a pile of finals and job interviews. Bah. Anyway, in the spirit of awesome awesome shit, have a Spock!

HOW AWESOME WAS STAR TREK, by the way? [...]

Happy Birthday to Me

Rave skirt, Urban Outfitters tee, Betty’s Divine tights, thrifted sweater, birthday gift necklaces, Lily’s boots.
The Mister took my pictures today. Check out the amazing necklaces he gave me for my birthday! The longer one is cut off, but there are little chains with keys and locks on the ends of them. The round necklace is [...]

It’s Anything But Grey

My friend Lily came to visit from Spokane for my birthday party! So we dressed up and took pictures. Can you tell we’re supposed to be Robin Hood and Maid Marian? …Yeah… well we are.