Sneaky Sneakers

I love sneakers. I absolutely adore them. They’re comfortable, functional, and versatile. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts… you name it, sneakers go with it. I’ve always been sneakers’ biggest fan. So that’s why, now that my only two pairs of sneakers are full of holes and dirty and falling apart, I’m [...]

Too Many Mother Uckers

Ah, how I can relate…

And, I am in love with these shorts from ASOS and need them in my wardrobe, stat:

Wouldn’t they look amazing under skirts, tunics, and minidresses? The bustle makes them perfect for wearing on their own as well. I would get so much use out of these. Unfortunately for me, the dollar [...]

What I Wore On Friday

American Eagle dress, Target cardigan, Urban Outfitters belt, Betty’s Divine tights, Old Navy shoes, necklace from cousin.
This is what I wore to classes on Friday. Then I wore jeans and boring shirt for the rest of the weekend. This post is totally short and boring! Sorry!

Mellow Yellow

Ralph Lauren sweater, Forever21 jeans, Target shoes.
This sweater effing rocks! It is comfy, a bizarre color, and it has a sweet collar that I keep covering up in the pictures because it’s just so great that I want to grab at it. Whee!

Viele Farben!

I just love Marc Jacobs. These colors are amazing. And I mean, seriously:

Kilt! …I’m going to tear myself away from now.

Believe in the You That Believes in You!

Rave skirt, Forever21 shirt and shoes and necklaces, H&M tights and jacket, Old Navy belt.
Eff yeah, colors! I felt like an anime character today. I think that should be my goal every day: to look like I just leapt out of an anime. Today I might be a slightly overdressed character from Tengen Toppa Gurren [...]

A Little Leg Problem

As I said in an earlier post, I have old lady legs. I really do. They are pale and somewhat lumpy in spots, short and stubby, and generally I desire to keep them hidden. The problem is: summer is coming. These three words send a chill up my spine. What’s an old lady-legged girl to [...]

As I Dread Summer

Urban Outfitters dress, Target tights, Old Navy cardigan, Forever21 necklace, Payless shoes.
I didn’t actually wear this out today; I wore flats and my military jacket. But then I felt like taking pictures of myself in these shoes, which I am having a hard time building outfits for! This look doesn’t quite do it for me. [...]

Military Pwnage

Rave skirt and tunic, Target tights and shoes, Goodwill belt, Forever21 blazer and necklace.
This blazer gets me so many random compliments; I love it! The Mister said I looked like a navy captain today. I love military jackets. They are the best kind of jacket.
Also, can we all take a second to notice that John [...]

I Owe You a Love Song

I got my new phone in the mail today, and spent a good 45 minutes playing around with wallpapers, ringtones (the default tones all sucked by the way), and the crazy new QWERTY keyboard. Technology and gadgets, I love you! Turns out you can download the theme to Stargate Atlantis as a ringtone; guess who [...]