Noon on a Monday

Rave skirt, Target shirt and tights and belt, Old Navy shoes, Forever21 necklace.
Today, I am so happy that I am going to take a nap, and I am going to love it.

I Was Made For You

Gap dress, Urban Outfitters belt and hat, Old Navy cardigan, Target boots and tights, Hot Topic necklace.
There are so many amazing sales right now! It is glorious. I found the cutest pair of flats at Old Navy for $4.50, and these gray ankle boots at Target for $7.50. I mean, glorious. I love having tiny [...]

Roleplaying: Awesome

Forever21 jeans and necklace, H&M shirt, Urban Outfitters vest, BC shoes.
This is what I’m wearing for a day of Dungeons & Dragons. (Hey, did I ever deny the fact that I was a geek?)
Not gonna lie, if you’ve never roleplayed before (not that way, pervs), you’re missing out. There’s something extremely liberating and fun about [...]

Shoes and Sweaters for Sale!

In an attempt to downsize my out-of-control wardrobe and hopefully make a few extra monies on the side, I’ve posted a few of my old things on eBay. Most of these have barely been worn, and they’re all adorable, so check them out if you’re inclined!

Check out the rest here! Tell your friends!
Okay, I hate [...]

After a Walk to the Mailbox

Old Navy Skirt, Target shirt and cardigan, H&M tights, Urban Outfitters belt, Payless shoes, Forever21 necklace.
The belt over the cardigan thing has been done and overdone and then done again, but nevertheless I like it. There’s no denying that it’s a flattering silhouette, and I’m not one to pass up flattering silhouettes. Plus, I never [...]

Unsettling Thoughts About Life

Nerdville – by megsue on
This is all I want to wear for the foreseeable future: skinny jeans, nerdy t-shirts, plaid/big-hooded hoodies, bright flats, and whatever geeky accessories I can dig up.
I’m truly reverting inward lately, curling into a mental fetal ball and yearning for the days when… well, the days when I didn’t have [...]

A Beautiful Day

Gap skirt, Pink & Grey cardigan, Anthropologie shirt, Urban Outfitters hat, Delia’s boots, tights – gift from boyfriend, necklace – gift from Dad.
Today it is (according to iGoogle) 30F and sunny, and it feels like spring! 30F may not sound springy, but I promise, right now it feels like spring in Missoula.
Someday soon I’ll come [...]

Lazy Days

Today I followed the advice of my good friend Ashleigh, who graduated from college a couple years ago and is now working and living in Portland, OR. She told me to take advantage of my last months in college, and that if I felt like sleeping in one morning, I should do so (as [...]

Schoolgirl Skirt

Old Navy shirt and waistcoat, Rave skirt, H&M tights, Urban Outfitters belt, Delia’s shoes.
Wearing my plaid schoolgirl skirt always makes me want to listen to synth-pop and anime themes for some reason. I couldn’t tell you why! Maybe because I remind myself of a Japanese schoolgirl? (I wish.)
Speaking of Japan, I’m supposed to be hearing [...]