I love absolutely everything about her. The hair, the clothes, the attitude, the sunglasses… everything. She is my ultimate inspiration of late.

The Bib Bandwagon

I’m itching to jump onto the bib necklace bandwagon of late, and while browsing for some affordable pieces online, I found these for cheap at Forever21. Not gonna lie, if I had the money, I’d blow it all on these necklaces right now. I absolutely love the colors in the first one!

Artichoke Over My Heart

Wet Seal sweater dress, Target tunic, Rave leggings, H&M jacket, Urban Outfitters hat and belt, Old Navy shoes, Forever21 and Day-lab necklaces.

I recently received this necklace in the mail from I’ve worn it every day since I got it; I absolutely adore it! It looks distinctly like an artichoke, and its size and ivory [...]

The Irony of the Wolf Tee

Urban Outfitters dress and hat, Wet Seal sweater vest, Rave leggings, boyfriend’s wolf tee, Target shoes.
The Wolf Tee is something of a mystery to me. I understand the ironic appeal, you know, harkening back to our early ’90s days of youth, when Ninja Turtles sweatpants and glow-in-the-dark bug shirts were the height of awesome. Equally [...]

Happy Hearts

Wet Seal dress and socks, Target shirt and shoes, H&M tights, Urban Outfitters hat, dress belt worn as bowtie.
I love this sweater dress way too much. I got it on clearance for a penny, and I’ve already worn it three times. I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth by now!
I wish I could dress like [...]

Another Plaid Skirt

Rave leggings, Old Navy skirt, Target sweater and boots, American Eagle striped shirt, Forever21 necklace.
As I said, the leggings will most likely be worn daily. They’re wonderful.

The Mister and myself in his soon-to-be-cleaned apartment! Notice his chic Bengals hat. I may think it’s hideous, but he was wearing this hat the day I met him, [...]

Staying Warm in March

Forever21 flannel shirt, Wet Seal sweater dress, Rave leggings, Target ankle boots, Urban Outfitters hat.
I’m completely in love with a) this sweater dress, and b) these leggings. It’s been cold as balls in Missoula for the past couple days, and tights just won’t cut it (unless you want to uncomfortably double up, which takes time [...]

Dreaming of Oxfords

Rave dress and leggings, Wet Seal sweater, Target shoes, Urban Outfitters hat, Forever21 necklace.
Sorry I look so sinister in this picture! I was going for mysterious and cute, but it seriously backfired.
I got a load of things at the mall the other day on clearance, so I’m wearing a bunch of them in one go. [...]

In Like a Lion-Lamb


Twelve by Twelve pants, Wet Seal t-shirt, Old Navy cardigan, Target shoes, Forever21 necklace.
In a moment of distraction, the Mister allowed a pot to boil over on the stove yesterday, and filled the apartment with smoke from the burning milk and butter. Today, turning on the stove proved that there was still some milk and [...]

Being Foolish When There is Work to be Done

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
-Ferris Bueller