Have Some Tea With Me A While

Rave skirt, Target tights, boyfriend’s sweater, Urban Outfitters hat, Easter gift socks.
Photos today are courtesy of the Mister. It’s really disgusting outside, snowy and rainy and wet and cold, so these are half-assed sitting-in-the-”living-room”-chair outfit photos. Greg was telling me what expressions to do, such as “annoyed with life” or “fierce”. That is my excuse.
Also, [...]

A Girl’s Just As Hot As The Shoes She Choose

Urban Outfitters dress, Target tights and boots, Forever21 necklace, belt jacked from my Twelve by Twelve harem pants.
Sorry about the lack of outfit posts of late! It was just so cold and wet last week that I didn’t have the heart to stand around outside and take pictures of myself. I’m glad some of you [...]

Lazy Friday

It’s too cold outside to do outfit photos, and my look was very simple today, so here, have some outdoorsy Montana pictures instead!

English Breakfast Tea

Urban Outfitters hat, boyfriend’s sweater, boyfriend’s comfy flannel pants, boyfriend’s warm spot in bed, English breakfast tea, peanut butter sandwich (not shown).
It is cold and rainy today, and a nice snowy mist is settled over the very tops of the mountains. I walked home from my math test as fast as I could, and brewed [...]

The Ridiculed Scientist: A Dream

One of my secret dreams is to become a scientist who specializes in something extremely unbelievable, which ostracizes me from the rest of the scientific community, and invites ridicule and incredulity from my peers. Think time travel or space aliens. Think Daniel Faraday or Daniel Jackson. Clearly, those named Daniel have a higher propensity for outlandish science, [...]

Are you Russian spies? …Niet!

Target skirt, tee, and shoes, Forever21 necklace, Wet Seal socks.
I feel happy about today! Mostly because it’s beautiful with a breeze outside, meaning I don’t feel like my brain is melting out of my skull, through my ears, and down onto my clothes. Because, you know. That is gross and uncomfortable. Therefore: today will involve [...]

A Shoe Tragedy

Forever21 shirt dress and necklace, Target tights, Gap skirt (thrifted), crazy Asian import shoes (from asiajam.com).
I love these shoes to death, but they do not love my feet in kind. I received them in a half size too big, so I put these little padded inserts in the heels and sole to make them fit. [...]

Sunny Monday

Target pants, Aeropostale shirt, Delia’s shoes, Day-lab necklace.
In that second picture you really get an idea of how crazy short I am. I look freaking tiny! Eesh.
So today it finally feels like summer! It’s in the 70s and already it’s too hot for me. I would be fine if the world never got hotter than [...]

Spring Again

Urban Outfitters shirt, Gap skirt (thrifted), Target boots, Betty’s Divine tights, Claire’s bow, Forever21 necklace.
It feels like spring again today! It’s a bit chilly outside, but the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. It has greatly improved my spirits since yesterday. I didn’t even have to enhance the color on these pictures; the [...]

Where Did Spring Go?

H&M jacket, Rave skirt, Target tights, Payless boots, Urban Outfitters tee (not shown).
Today it most definitely does not feel like spring. I’m glad I wore my jacket today (I almost didn’t), because when I emerged from the Mister’s cozy apartment, I was greeted with lightly falling snow. Ugh! It’s supposed to be spring.
Clearly it was [...]