Red Skirt

Target skirt and shoes, Forever21 necklace, American Eagle shirt, Urban Outfitters cardigan, tights from the Mister, Claire’s bow.
I got this red skirt at Target, knowing I’m quite in need of some new skirts. Spring is here, and it’s time for skirts and tees! I almost grabbed the black version of this skirt, but then realized, [...]

New Shoeses Precious

Target tunic and shoes, Gap scarf tied as belt, Wet Seal t-shirt, Old Navy shorts, Hot Topic necklace, H&M tights.
Awww shoes! My mom gave me a Target gift card as an Easter gift, and of course I immediately ran to pick up the shoes I’d been eyeing. I originally wanted the red ones, but I [...]

Things Will In Fact Calm Up*

H&M striped shirt and jacket, Forever21 black undershirt and necklace, Urban Outfitters jeans, Isaac Mizrahi for Target shoes, Claire’s bows.
I wore this to have breakfast/lunch/brunch with my mom today. I’m probably going to change into something more comfortable for the later afternoon, which will involve lolling on a couch playing Dungeons & Dragons. Oh boy! [...]


Gap skirt (thrifted), Forever21 shirt and tank, Old Navy shoes, Target footless tights, Claire’s bow, Hot Topic necklace.
Ah! This skirt really shows off my little tummy. The tummy is becoming less of a grievance to me as spring arrives, allowing me to go running and feel like I’m doing something good for my body. I [...]

Can’t Read My Poker Face

Forever21 dress and necklace, Betty’s Divine tights, Target cardigan and shoes, Claire’s bow.
I really like the chipped, moldy paint on the side of this house. I’m not sure why; maybe it’s some pretentious artistic inclination toward the juxtaposition of new and old, elegant and unkempt. Not to say that I’m elegant by any means, but [...]

Spring Colors

Forever21 dress and necklace, Rave leggings, American Eagle shoes.
Finally, spring is here! Time to amp up colors in photoshop!
I love this new dress I got as an early birthday gift from my dad. It’s so light and springy and feminine, just what I wanted for warmer weather. Yes! Next order of business: shorts and bloomers. [...]

Red Tights

Betty’s Divine tights, Rave skirt, Wet Seal t-shirt.
I would have photoshopped the chair out of the picture, but I have no clue how to manage Gimp. So I didn’t. The rest of the photo looked icky as well, and I am too lazy to take more pictures.
It finally feels like spring today!

New Shoes

New shoes! DIY boxers (from middle school lawl), Urban Outfitters shirt, H&M tights.
Can you tell I didn’t feel like wearing anything much today?

Big Black Bow

Claire’s bow, H&M shirt, unknown cardigan, Forever21 necklace (not really shown).
I’ve been craving bows in my hair lately, particularly big bows. Big, silky black bows. Lucky for me, there are countless bow barrettes at Claire’s. When I found this I made a happy squeaking sound. I will wear it every day!