The complexities of human pranks escape me

Sorry I haven’t been updating very often lately! My life has been a giant pile of illness, friends from out of town, birthdays, and finals. Tomorrow it will be a pile of finals and job interviews. Bah. Anyway, in the spirit of awesome awesome shit, have a Spock!

HOW AWESOME WAS STAR TREK, by the way? [...]

Happy Birthday to Me

Rave skirt, Urban Outfitters tee, Betty’s Divine tights, thrifted sweater, birthday gift necklaces, Lily’s boots.
The Mister took my pictures today. Check out the amazing necklaces he gave me for my birthday! The longer one is cut off, but there are little chains with keys and locks on the ends of them. The round necklace is [...]

It’s Anything But Grey

My friend Lily came to visit from Spokane for my birthday party! So we dressed up and took pictures. Can you tell we’re supposed to be Robin Hood and Maid Marian? …Yeah… well we are.

The Ultimate Cheer-Up

So, this isn’t exactly “fashion” per se, but at Poupee Girl they let you upload plushies as items of clothing, so if Poupee Girl says it’s fashion, THEN IT IS.
You know how it feels when you’re just having an all-around yucky day? Where nothing sounds like any fun, you end up just sitting and staring [...]

Shinin’ Down Like Water

Forever21 dress, Gap skirt (under dress), Target tights, boots, and sweater, Urban Outfitters belt and hat.
It is raining right now, and it was raining when I took these pictures. My usual spot by the wall was occupied by a giant puddle, so I didn’t stand there for photos. At least it’s not raining as hard [...]

Red Jeans: A Search

H&M tank, Urban Outfitters jacket, Rave skirt, Target tights. 
Sorry about the crappy pictures; people kept coming outside and embarrassing me, so I had to stop after only a few photos. Sigh. Oh well, I promise to have better ones tomorrow!
Here’s an outfit I wore at some point last week and forgot to post, mostly because [...]

Pigtails FTFW

American Eagle shirt, Rave skirt, Target tights, Old Navy shoes, Hot Topic necklace, Urban Outfitters belt, Claire’s bow.
Holy crap, I’m not wearing any Forever21?! What is going on! I don’t know!
So yeah, I took these pictures hours ago, and I was going to post them hours ago, but then I got sucked in by this damn [...]