Escape from the Cold


Sorry for the rather long disappearance! It snowed very suddenly on the last night I updated, and then that snow turned into a crazy wind-storm with extreme wind chills and freezing cold apartments (in my case). It turns out that the windows in my apartment will let in any and all winds they come in contact with, and are not insulated whatsoever. It was perhaps 40 degrees F in my place, and I didn’t feel like sitting around waiting for the weather to warm up, so I packed up my computer, a load of sweaters, and high-tailed it to my boyfriend’s.

That’s where I am now, lolling about in a warm bed in flannel and a sweater, playing World of Warcraft and generally being extremely lazy but extremely cozy.

I’m not sure when the outfit photos will recommence. Hopefully as soon as I get a chance to revisit my apartment and pick up some more clothes as well as my camera’s USB cord. Until then, I’ll be keeping warm and happy. Hope you’re all as cozy as I am!

How I’m staying cozy: sweaters, slippers, boyfriend’s shirts, hugs, potatoes and cheese, lots of blankets. ♥

2 Responses to “Escape from the Cold”

  1. Nikki Says:

    I figured it was snowing pretty hard, hence the random text message I sent a few days ago.

    That all sounds marvelously cozy. <3

  2. Shesdressingup Says:

    The Christmas tree image is so beautiful! Stay warm and cosy =]

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