Japanese Inspiration

Inspiration ahoy!

As it so happens, I’ve recently applied for the JET Programme. It’s an exchange program of sorts, where I would journey to Japan for a year to teach English to kids anywhere from elementary to high school. Greg has applied as well, and we’re hoping to either live somewhere in Hokkaido (his choice), or Tokyo (my choice!). I’ve also been obsessively browsing through Dropsnap, a Japanese street fashion site. It is insanely inspirational, and it makes me even more excited to move to Japan! Here’s hoping we get accepted to the program!

Here are some of my favorite looks from Dropsnap, which I particularly hope to replicate (or at least draw inspiration from) sometime soon:

Yay Japanese street fashion. It blows me away every time.

6 Responses to “Japanese Inspiration”

  1. Shesdressingup Says:

    I love browsing DropSnap!
    The JET programme sounds amazing!

  2. m. Says:

    Good luck on the program! An old friend of mine did that with his wife and while the teaching caused some headaches, the traveling they did within Japan was more than worth it. (:

    I love this blog; you’re so adorable and comfortable with yourself and it makes me happy.

  3. Lyndsay Says:

    Oh my friend got an interview for that programme last year but he didn’t get an offer. Two more of my friends spent a year in Japan as part of their course and loved it there. One was in Toyko and as soon as he graduates he wants to go back.

  4. Lyndsay Says:

    Oh and good luck!x

  5. The Clothes Horse Says:

    I love Japanese style–it was one of my first loves of fashion when I was younger. I hope you get into the JET program. I would love to go to Japan again…

  6. Meg Says:

    Thanks for all the good luck, guys! <3

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