This is Who I Am

Sorry for the minimal posts lately. I’m still in vacation mode (strange, considering I’m… still on vacation), and I won’t deny that two days ago I spent the entire day in my mom’s old Victorian flannel nightgown. I might try harder to hide this fact if it hadn’t been the most comfortable day in the entire world!

Anyway, as expected, I’ve been shuffling about the tiny apartment in jeans, slippers with penguins on, and comfy non-descript shirts. (Above: lovely flannel from Forever21, an homage to my absent boyfriend who used to spend his every waking moment in plaid flannel.)

Today, I am wearing this:

Ew, flash pictures.

  • Shirt: Target
  • Sweater vest: gift from my aunt (technically from Marshall’s, though)
  • Jeans: gift from same aunt (Forever21, also from Marshall’s; who knew they sold F21)
  • Shoes: Nomi

I know, boring boring, anything but inspiring. I just felt I’d share just how comfortable and nice it is to wear jeans again. I find I cycle back and forth between only wanting to wear jeans, and only wanting to wear skirts/tights. Not very exciting, but I will go with my gut when it comes to fashion.

P.S. Is anybody else devastated that Carah Faye left Shiny Toy Guns? …Just me? Well then.

4 Responses to “This is Who I Am”

  1. Liz Says:

    You look so adorable. I love the outfit here.

  2. The Clothes Horse Says:

    The grommets on that shirt are lovely. Relaxed vacation days are the best–I keep getting dressed up and not going in anywhere.

  3. sarah von Says:

    you are too cute. love the glasses and the classic face-mashing pose!

  4. The Clothes Horse Says:

    I love bird prints too! But they don’t make enough of them. Actually they don’t make enough fun prints, I want an eye print and a eye-glasses print!

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