Today’s Getup

I wish I had an Atlantis uniform. Sadly I don’t, so instead I wore this:

Urban Outfitters jeans and shirt, Target socks (?), Nomi shoes, necklace from my cousin.

I’m loving these jeans from Urban. I’ve never even tried on jeans from the place until now, because they always seemed way too long/skinny for my short stubby legs. However, earlier this month I found myself in want of new jeans, so I went ahead and tried these on. They were love at first wear. So stretchy, soft, and dark. Thank you Urban Outfitters. (I’m like a walking ad, but seriously, I love these jeans!)

As far as socks + flats… I’m not sure. Thoughts?

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  1. Lauren Says:

    I was totally thinking of buying that shirt. It’s so cute.

    I think if you have colorful socks and plain, uni-colored flats (basically what you have), then it looks good. But I like dark flats and bright socks, so…yeah. :)

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