I Owe You a Love Song

I got my new phone in the mail today, and spent a good 45 minutes playing around with wallpapers, ringtones (the default tones all sucked by the way), and the crazy new QWERTY keyboard. Technology and gadgets, I love you! Turns out you can download the theme to Stargate Atlantis as a ringtone; guess who has a new ringtone?! Me.

Today I don’t feel like doing much except post some pictures. Got bored of the stand-in-front-of-the-door pose; sat on the bed instead. Check out my Extreme Mess! I ♥ my apartment.

Old Navy shirt and waistcoat, Urban Outfitters jeans, Forever21 necklace.

Mister Raccoon. That is my snow leopard Leppy’s butt on the right. I sleep with about 2-3 animals nightly, depending on whether I can find Raccoon. Am I the only 22-year-old to still sleep with stuffed animals? Please tell me no.

4 Responses to “I Owe You a Love Song”

  1. danny Says:


  2. Sheppard Says:

    Its ok Meg, I sleep with an animal too~ Although mine is significantly bigger and has more hair! <3

  3. Nikki Says:

    You are most definitely not. I sleep with Bill my pony every night, and sometimes others make their way on to the bed.

    That last picture is probably my favorite picture in the whole world of you.

  4. yUr CuZ cAlLiE Says:

    Tis okay Meg, I sleep with about 20! I have a stuffed raccoon that i sleep with! His name is coony. He’s perty hot.

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