As I Dread Summer

Urban Outfitters dress, Target tights, Old Navy cardigan, Forever21 necklace, Payless shoes.

I didn’t actually wear this out today; I wore flats and my military jacket. But then I felt like taking pictures of myself in these shoes, which I am having a hard time building outfits for! This look doesn’t quite do it for me. I kind of want to pair them with a really feminine white dress, but sadly, I have no feminine white dresses! Something like this:

But with a less extreme pricetag. I guess now is the time to look, as the spring clothes are arriving! Unfortunately this fills me with terror more than it fills me with joy, because you’d never guess it (would you?), but I have Old Lady Legs. Ugh, summer.

5 Responses to “As I Dread Summer”

  1. yUr CuZ cAlLiE Says:

    Happy V-day! Sadly to say, I don’t have a Valentine to share it with…tear! But all is good. I love yur Dress! Tis freakishly awesome!

  2. SongofStyle Says:

    those payless shoes are amazing. ure so adorable

  3. Jorden Says:

    I can’t see your shoes well enough! POST BIGGER PHOTOS :D

  4. Meg Says:

    If you click on the photo it will link to a bigger one? >.>

  5. Layton Hebert Says:

    How do I fix it – my little sister clicked the link and now my pc is creating error messages every 2 seconds!

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