The Bib Bandwagon

I’m itching to jump onto the bib necklace bandwagon of late, and while browsing for some affordable pieces online, I found these for cheap at Forever21. Not gonna lie, if I had the money, I’d blow it all on these necklaces right now. I absolutely love the colors in the first one!

4 Responses to “The Bib Bandwagon”

  1. danny Says:

    “Bib Bandwagon”???!!! LOL & total Chills McGillicutty

  2. Bronwyn Says:

    ohh I like the 3rd one :D reminds me of a (way overpriced) bubble necklace from Jcrew I’ve been lusting after forever

  3. alice Says:

    those necklaces are SOo gorgeous. i love it.

  4. Catherine Says:

    Ahh yes me too! I am obsessed with necklaces! I wish Forever 21 would stop having clothing that’s cheaper than their accessories. Sigh.

    Great blog!


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