The Ridiculed Scientist: A Dream

One of my secret dreams is to become a scientist who specializes in something extremely unbelievable, which ostracizes me from the rest of the scientific community, and invites ridicule and incredulity from my peers. Think time travel or space aliens. Think Daniel Faraday or Daniel Jackson. Clearly, those named Daniel have a higher propensity for outlandish science, but I think I could do it nevertheless. All I’d need is to be overly serious about everything, a curious and clever mind, slightly stilted and awkward locution, and a willingness to expose myself to criticism and derision from everyone I ever knew. Oh, and a hot sciencey wardrobe. Like so:


As a scientist exiled from my own brethren, I would spend every waking moment on my theories, desperate to prove my hypotheses correct. Through all this I would know that my work was not in vain, for I would have every faith in the legitimacy of my path of study. Whether it be the theory of time travel, or a hunch that aliens came to earth and built the Egyptian pyramids, I would be as dedicated a scientist as there ever was.

One day, whether that day be years or decades from now, you shall see my harebrained theories become undeniable and awe-inspiring fact! …That, or you’ll never hear about them because they’ll be confined to a crazy hidden island, or highly classified government information.

Ah, the glory of the ridiculed scientist. If only.

5 Responses to “The Ridiculed Scientist: A Dream”

  1. laura Says:

    Hmmm….I like this side of you! Plus, science would definitely be more fun with a cute sciencey wardrobe!! Can you help me???

  2. julia Says:

    Love this choice !! =)


  3. danny Says:

    Great story line and wardrobe.

    Btw, my name is Daniel. Have I told you my theory about the dinosaurs????

  4. isnotfashion Says:

    Great look! xo Cari

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