English Breakfast Tea

Urban Outfitters hat, boyfriend’s sweater, boyfriend’s comfy flannel pants, boyfriend’s warm spot in bed, English breakfast tea, peanut butter sandwich (not shown).

It is cold and rainy today, and a nice snowy mist is settled over the very tops of the mountains. I walked home from my math test as fast as I could, and brewed up some tea to go along with my “breakfast” of a peanut butter sandwich. The Mister’s side of the bed was still warm (he had just gotten up when I came home), so I put on the comfiest, warmest clothes I could find and cuddled into my little spot on the bed. Which happens to be where he sleeps! Ah, warmth and comfort. Tip: when looking for cozy pants to put on when it’s grey and yucky outside, it is always best to wear boys’ pajama pants. Bonus if they’re your boyfriend’s.

English breakfast tea is absolutely, after Earl Grey, the best tea ever.

2 Responses to “English Breakfast Tea”

  1. yuka Says:

    aww sounds so relaxing right now. i want to prance around in my bfs pants. and i definitely wouldnt mind some tea either!

  2. la couturier Says:

    You sound so comfortable =]

    La C.

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