The complexities of human pranks escape me

Sorry I haven’t been updating very often lately! My life has been a giant pile of illness, friends from out of town, birthdays, and finals. Tomorrow it will be a pile of finals and job interviews. Bah. Anyway, in the spirit of awesome awesome shit, have a Spock!


HOW AWESOME WAS STAR TREK, by the way? Pretty much the most amazing thing in existence, ever? Pretty much.

2 Responses to “The complexities of human pranks escape me”

  1. ruth crean Says:

    I’m with you on the amazingness of Star Trek, I unfortunately had to listen to my boyfriend bitch and moan about it as we came out of the cinema, I may have to kill him

  2. danny Says:

    Star Trek… two words: Star. Trek.

    I liked it alot too. Spock Rock.

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