Look at me I have a huge Coke

Forever21 dress, shopruche.com bag, Old Navy shoes, Pita Pit gigantic freaking fountain Coke.

Half-assed photos taken while wandering the streets of Missoula trying to feel productive in some way. The sun makes me look angry! apparently. 

There’s something I really don’t like about dressing for summer. The heat requires as little clothing as possible, which mostly nullifies any possibility of layering or cute jackets or tights or even close-toed shoes on really hot days. I’m of the layering persuasion, and for me, the more clothes the merrier. I feel so boring in just a dress and flats! Damn you, summer. I really need to work on my accessories, it seems. I’m thinking… more necklaces, and way more bracelets, maybe some light scarves or even bowties? A bowtie would actually be really badass; I need to look into this.

So speaking of my Old Navy shoes, I start a part-time job at Old Navy tomorrow. I’m actually rather nervous; I haven’t worked in retail since my freshman year of college, and that was 5 long years ago. I was a different person back then. I’m pretty sure I’ll rock at whatever job comes my way, but… nerves!

9 Responses to “Look at me I have a huge Coke”

  1. enna. Says:

    Boring outfit or no, that dress is killer.

    Bowties are fun. I have one that I wear as a headband sometimes.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. danny Says:

    well sweetie – why wasn’t i informed???? Good luck – I really hope you enjoy, at the very least, the clothes you can buy with teh money and discount!!!



    PS Vancouver, BC… Amsterdam… Oslo… all nice northern, fashionable places…

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  4. Amelia Says:

    I know. I’m missing layering already–accessorizing just isn’t my thing. Cute dress!

  5. hannah Says:

    i don’t think you look boring! its an adorable early summer look! i love it!

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