Can’t Think… Of Subject…

Rave dress, Wet Seal belt and necklace, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Old Navy flats, sad excuse for a ponytail.

These were taken before and after I cut the Mister’s hair. Try not to look too closely… I’m covered in Greg-hair in some of these. Oops… 

I love this dress though! The pockets and the subtle ruffle at the bottom are my favorite part, but the square neck and fluttery sleeves are also awesome. This belt was $2 on clearance, and is made of some kind of plasticy material, but I DON’T CARE. I finally have a brown belt, and I only had to spend $2 on it. Woo! Now I need brown sandals.

I really want to see the Star Trek movie again.

5 Responses to “Can’t Think… Of Subject…”

  1. lacy Says:

    i luv the ruffles and the shade of blue is gorgeous! I also loved the star trek movie, i saw it like two days in a row :)

  2. Emz Says:

    Haha. I love the shade of blueeee! That’s such a gorgeous dress!

  3. yuka Says:

    those glasses suit you well. you are adorable!

  4. MollyCake Says:

    darling!! love the dress and the necklace!! you are too cute.

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