Black & Blue & Brown Oh My

  • Skirt: Gap
  • Shirt: American Eagle
  • Belt: Urban Outfitters
  • Jacket: H&M
  • Tights: Betty’s Divine
  • Necklace: Forever 21
  • Shoes: Nomi

Today I wore black and navy together in (gasp) one outfit. Now, I would never have thought this was any kind of offense, except that a friend of mine once told me that it is Completely Unforgivable to wear black and brown or black and navy incorrectly. For years after that, I was terrified I’d get it wrong. In the back of my mind I imagined some sort of mythical fashion police lurking in doorways waiting for me to err in the face of fashion. Of course there are no fashion police, but there may as well have been. Up until just recently, I was too nervous to throw black and brown and navy together. They were never invited to the same parties.

But, what did I get out of that? I got a much tamer wardrobe, a wardrobe that never took risks, that sometimes didn’t allow me to wear the things I wanted to wear because of some silly fashion rules. I am now finding that there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t wear a black skirt and belt and shoes, with a navy striped shirt and jacket. Absolutely no reason. If it makes me happy, I will do it! And so I did. And so I am happy.

Other things that are making me happy just to look at (oh thank goodness Christmas is coming!):

"Queen of Hearts Wedges" from Modcloth

I spend an awful lot of time drooling over the dresses and shoes at Modcloth. My newest love is these red wedges. They’re so fun and strange at the same time. I think they are the perfect combination of elegance and oddity. I would just love pairing them with white and red and lacy things. Just thinking about it is getting me all in a tizzy.

Calla Lily Headband from Day-Lab

"Calla Lily Headband" from Day-Lab

I’m going to just go ahead and say it: I can’t think of anything more fitting to perch on my head than one of these glorious headbands from Day-Lab. It’s exactly what a space fairy would wear. (What is a space fairy? What do you think a space fairy is?) I need one.

NV Mesh Bracelets from Day-Lab

"NV Mesh Bracelets" from Day-Lab

Another from Day-Lab, these bracelets are exactly what I’ve been fantasizing about wearing on my wrists since before I had a conscious mind. …Okay not for quite that long, but these are so perfect for my aesthetic needs. My taste in jewelry flip-flops between antique-y with lots of silver and gemstones, and a tougher, more badass (is that really the word I want?) look. I love any sort of wrist adornment with a buckle, and I’m quite partial to shiny gold and silver accessories. Clearly, these bracelets and I were born to be together.

Blue Bird Dress and Angela Chase Babydoll from Modcloth

"Blue Bird Dress" and "Angela Chase Babydoll" from Modcloth

More from Modcloth, apparently. Also, apparently I like oversized bows at my neck? Yes, yes I do. The flannel Blue Bird dress looks like the perfect winter dress; cozy and warm, but still darling and feminine. The Angela Chase Babydoll reminds me of the holidays, and I would of course wear it with my red tights and vintage blue and white swing shoes. Winter and dresses go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows. Perfect.

What other amazing things are you guys loving right now? Send me window-shopping.

7 Responses to “Black & Blue & Brown Oh My”

  1. Leigh Says:

    I love those shoes. To death. And I hate clothes.

  2. Shesdressingup Says:

    Black and blue looks great here!

  3. Nikki Says:

    That last picture of you is adorable.

    And I hate dresses, but I kind of like that blue bird one.

  4. Emily Says:

    The shoes. Holy crap. They’re beautiful!

    And the dresses look like something that characters you invent would wear — I can really picture them in your art or writing. Or, for that matter, on you!

    Oh, and I just thought of something! If you’re actually planning on buying stuff of ModCloth, I’ve got a $10 voucher I could give you. I won it off Gala Darling aaaages ago, but the shipping costs to Ireland are just too crazy to justify ordering from them. Interested?

  5. Meg Says:

    Emily! You’re amazing! Of course I am interested in this $10 voucher. Holy crap. <33

  6. ambika Says:

    I’ve never understood why black & navy & black & brown couldn’t go together. They’re all neutral! A very outmoded rule in my mind.

    I saw those shoes on wardrobe_remix and just about died. If only.

  7. Violet Folklore Says:

    LOVE that Blue Bird dress! I recently saw two different photos (in the new InStyle) of this Tommy Hilfiger top with a big bow at the neck and I am in love with it!

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