Team Jacob

What I wore to Twilight!

  • Sweater: Urban Outfitters
  • T-shirt: Hot Topic
  • Belt: Goodwill
  • Jeans: Express
  • Shoes: Converse All-Star
  • Scarf: Target

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blog for so long! It’s Thanksgiving break and I’m overwhelmed with food, family, World of Warcraft, and academics. I’ll be posting real stuff again soon, I promise.

3 Responses to “Team Jacob”

  1. Lauren Says:

    That cardigan…is that the PE one? I am beginning to like longer cardigans with pockets in the front (my new hoodies, I suppose) but I feel like I look shorter with them. Maybe if it were paired with heels would it look good on me? I don’t know. But you look fab. I like the belt on top, it looks really neat.

  2. Meg Says:

    Oh gosh I don’t know which one it is! All of those long gray ones are pretty much identical tho, so I’m sure they’d do the job. I do find that it makes me look a ton shorter, so I honestly don’t wear this cardi that much. When I do wear it, it’s usually with a shorter skirt and a belt. I would wear the thing as a dress too, but the buttons are too far apart!

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