Free at Last

  • Skirt: Gap
  • Sweater: Target
  • Belt: Urban Outfitters
  • Tights: H&M
  • Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
  • Necklace: F21

Oh my goodness. I finally got a power cord for my camera’s charger! And I also found these amazing shoes on clearance for $8.24, but there was a bit of glue on the top of one so the amiable man checking me out let me have them for $5! What a way to end a week of finals. I am free, free, free!

4 Responses to “Free at Last”

  1. Emily Says:

    Yay no more exams! I’ve finished all my horrible things, at least, and just have a fun sociology essay to write.

    Those shoes are great! And they look pretty sensible, too — I will never be able to understand girls who wear sky-high heels on a daily basis.




  3. MollyCake Says:

    I wish I was in school and had and end and a break to look forward too. Working is for the birds.

    Adorable hair!

  4. danny Says:

    Love. Your. Hair.

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