The Ultimate Cheer-Up

So, this isn’t exactly “fashion” per se, but at Poupee Girl they let you upload plushies as items of clothing, so if Poupee Girl says it’s fashion, THEN IT IS.

You know how it feels when you’re just having an all-around yucky day? Where nothing sounds like any fun, you end up just sitting and staring blankly at nothing for 20 minutes, sighing, walking around looking for food, and then sitting back down again? Yeah, that was me yesterday. I blame hormones. Regardless, it was crappy, and I felt overwhelmed by graduation, Real Life, jobs, moving, and whatever else crept into my thoughts.

In a fit of ennui, I wandered over to Deviantart, where my sad page lies pretty much abandoned. After probably an hour of half-hearted browsing, I came upon this wonderful artist. The first thing I saw: A PUPPY WITH A UNICORN HORN. Immediately I smiled, and laughed, and read the description of Aubergine Meringue, and made cooing noises while staring at this adorable purple creature.

Oh man, you guys. I spent the next probably… half hour, dissecting Cass C’s gallery and smiling happily at her plushie creations. These little guys so totally cheered me up! It’s impossible to look at her creatures without cracking a goofy smile. How can you not be full of glee when you’re looking at cupcake bears, honeydew pandas, and multi-colored hippos? They just make me so happy!

You can find her insanely adorable plushies for sale here, and her flickr stream can be ogled for happy happy hours here.

I’m just seriously enamored with her work! I hope you will be too.

Shinin’ Down Like Water

Forever21 dress, Gap skirt (under dress), Target tights, boots, and sweater, Urban Outfitters belt and hat.

It is raining right now, and it was raining when I took these pictures. My usual spot by the wall was occupied by a giant puddle, so I didn’t stand there for photos. At least it’s not raining as hard as it was when I was trying to walk to German. YEP.

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival always makes me think of the very last episode of Stargate SG-1. Such a poignant montage to this song… oh, SG-1. 

Anyway. I’m completely dying over these sneakers at Modcloth, but would I actually wear them? Dilemma! Thoughts?


Red Jeans: A Search

H&M tank, Urban Outfitters jacket, Rave skirt, Target tights. 

Sorry about the crappy pictures; people kept coming outside and embarrassing me, so I had to stop after only a few photos. Sigh. Oh well, I promise to have better ones tomorrow!

Here’s an outfit I wore at some point last week and forgot to post, mostly because it’s hideously boring:

Urban Outfitters jeans and tee, Target cardigan, Converse shoes.

I like wearing jeans, I really do, but they rarely fit my personal aesthetic, and they never flatter my bum. It’s very disappointing. Recently I’ve decided that if I had a pair of red skinny jeans I’d wear them all the time based on their color (I would), but I’ve no idea where to find any. I’m leery of ordering denim online, because as a rule it won’t fit. They have these great colorful jeans at Target, but they’re pastel, and the idea of my ass in pastels gives me a cold chill down the spine.

Anybody know where to find red jeans at a store that isn’t weird and obscure and might be found in Montana or thereabouts?

Pigtails FTFW

American Eagle shirt, Rave skirt, Target tights, Old Navy shoes, Hot Topic necklace, Urban Outfitters belt, Claire’s bow.

Holy crap, I’m not wearing any Forever21?! What is going on! I don’t know!

So yeah, I took these pictures hours ago, and I was going to post them hours ago, but then I got sucked in by this damn thing. I spent literally over 2 hours dressing up online dolls. Whyyyy. My brain feels like a pile of curdled milk.

I pretty much love my outfit today! More than usual. I realized that my hair is finally long enough to put in pigtails, so naturally, I put it in pigtails. Sometimes I talk myself out of wearing overly cute outfits like this, because seriously — I’m almost 23; I shouldn’t be dressing like I’m 13… OR SHOULD I. You know what? This morning I said to myself, fuck it. If I want to look like a 13-year-old anime character, I should damn well look like a 13-year-old anime character. Ha! And I love it.

Have Some Tea With Me A While

Rave skirt, Target tights, boyfriend’s sweater, Urban Outfitters hat, Easter gift socks.

Photos today are courtesy of the Mister. It’s really disgusting outside, snowy and rainy and wet and cold, so these are half-assed sitting-in-the-”living-room”-chair outfit photos. Greg was telling me what expressions to do, such as “annoyed with life” or “fierce”. That is my excuse.

Also, my favorite book happens to be sitting on the chair. ♥ 

A Girl’s Just As Hot As The Shoes She Choose

Urban Outfitters dress, Target tights and boots, Forever21 necklace, belt jacked from my Twelve by Twelve harem pants.

Sorry about the lack of outfit posts of late! It was just so cold and wet last week that I didn’t have the heart to stand around outside and take pictures of myself. I’m glad some of you liked my outdoorsy photos anyway. Time to start up the outfit photos again!

These boots are an early birthday gift from my mom, and I absolutely love them. They’re so comfortable, and genuine leather for $20! I say that this is awesome. I spent the day job hunting in them, and it was like walking around in slippers. So nice. I’ve been wanting some leather fringe boots for a while now, and these definitely sate the lust.

Lazy Friday

It’s too cold outside to do outfit photos, and my look was very simple today, so here, have some outdoorsy Montana pictures instead!

English Breakfast Tea

Urban Outfitters hat, boyfriend’s sweater, boyfriend’s comfy flannel pants, boyfriend’s warm spot in bed, English breakfast tea, peanut butter sandwich (not shown).

It is cold and rainy today, and a nice snowy mist is settled over the very tops of the mountains. I walked home from my math test as fast as I could, and brewed up some tea to go along with my “breakfast” of a peanut butter sandwich. The Mister’s side of the bed was still warm (he had just gotten up when I came home), so I put on the comfiest, warmest clothes I could find and cuddled into my little spot on the bed. Which happens to be where he sleeps! Ah, warmth and comfort. Tip: when looking for cozy pants to put on when it’s grey and yucky outside, it is always best to wear boys’ pajama pants. Bonus if they’re your boyfriend’s.

English breakfast tea is absolutely, after Earl Grey, the best tea ever.

The Ridiculed Scientist: A Dream

One of my secret dreams is to become a scientist who specializes in something extremely unbelievable, which ostracizes me from the rest of the scientific community, and invites ridicule and incredulity from my peers. Think time travel or space aliens. Think Daniel Faraday or Daniel Jackson. Clearly, those named Daniel have a higher propensity for outlandish science, but I think I could do it nevertheless. All I’d need is to be overly serious about everything, a curious and clever mind, slightly stilted and awkward locution, and a willingness to expose myself to criticism and derision from everyone I ever knew. Oh, and a hot sciencey wardrobe. Like so:


As a scientist exiled from my own brethren, I would spend every waking moment on my theories, desperate to prove my hypotheses correct. Through all this I would know that my work was not in vain, for I would have every faith in the legitimacy of my path of study. Whether it be the theory of time travel, or a hunch that aliens came to earth and built the Egyptian pyramids, I would be as dedicated a scientist as there ever was.

One day, whether that day be years or decades from now, you shall see my harebrained theories become undeniable and awe-inspiring fact! …That, or you’ll never hear about them because they’ll be confined to a crazy hidden island, or highly classified government information.

Ah, the glory of the ridiculed scientist. If only.

Are you Russian spies? …Niet!

Target skirt, tee, and shoes, Forever21 necklace, Wet Seal socks.

I feel happy about today! Mostly because it’s beautiful with a breeze outside, meaning I don’t feel like my brain is melting out of my skull, through my ears, and down onto my clothes. Because, you know. That is gross and uncomfortable. Therefore: today will involve being outside! I hope. If not, it will at least involve a good run.

That last picture is what I look like when thinking about an SG-1 orgy. Wut.